Cahn Aromatherapy

For more than 20 years Cahn has been successfully and passionately committed to creating Aromatherapy products that offer personalised solutions to everyday stress.

We have been lucky enough during this time to work hands on with extraordinary people as well as some of the most prestigious Spa and Retail environments worldwide.

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Cahn Signature oils

Created 20 years ago by Aromatherapist Tracey Cahn, each unique recipe is a result of many years of hands on clinical experience.

Every synergistic blend combines up to 10 essential oils in high therapeutic concentration and the formulas been designed to help you to look after yourself depending on your individual needs.

Available to use in the bath, after the shower or directly on the skin.

Cahn Massage Treatment oils & Aromatherapy Packages

Perfect if you are a Massage Therapist or beautician, Salon or Spa Owner and you are looking to upgrade your services by offering BESPOKE treatments for your clients.

What My Clients Say
“I absolutely love working with, selling and buying Cahn Aromatherapy. Traceys’ knowledge and passion is paramount throughout the whole company and this makes dealing with Cahn Aromatherapy easy and such a pleasure. Our clients love the products in treatments and for using at home and our therapists adore being able to bespoke to their needs.” Katy

Totality Day Spa Tring

“Clients are loving your oils – People are forever commenting on how nice it smells just opening the door!

One client of mine is really into the Geranium oil and says it’s the best oil that she has ever come across!Eva

“Tracey is a true visionary in the field of Aromatherapy. Deciding to go with Cahn in our Metro Spa was a no-brainer- innovative products, excellent support, fantastic brand image and the sort of first class marketing and promotional material one could only normally expect from a large corporate Above all Cahn offers me the security of knowing we can offer treatments that really deliver and give a truly holistic experience.” Hellen Ward

Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa